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HR outsourcing services has surfaced an essential support system for business growth, we collaborate with our clients for scalable, sustainable and measurable returns on their investments. We strive operational excellence in every phase of employee lifecycle and employee needs to support their optimum performance and engagement.We provide operational and strategic HR solutions, like Recruitment, Training, HR shared services, Placement services, Performance management,HR Audits, Surveys etc.

The services we offer are as follows but that are not limited to…


Hiring is essential and crucial to every organisation. We consider it a gateway to creating human assets contributing to organisational success. Accordingly, we help companies handpick resources through an organised and result- oriented recruitment process. Our expertise extends to designing end-to-end recruitment policies and procedures to align them with HRIS and optimise results. We also cover pre-recruitment strategies for sourcing/branding/job analysis and other vital areas for talent acquisition.


Proper onboarding is key to reducing the company’s attrition rate. It sets the right expectations and clears all the doubts of new joiners. We set expectation standards gracefully through seamless and comprehensive handholding of the candidate. Our work involves introducing candidates to organisations’ values, culture, policies and other aspects crucial for their job. We define the onboarding process that helps measure recruitment success and scale.

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Employer Branding

Branding helps form a company its identity in today’s talent driven world. It allows companies to prove themselves as valuable employers to attract talent. But companies must identify their target talent base, devise branding strategies and measure RoI. We help define EVPs and strategise branding initiatives to attract the right talent.

Organisation Structure

Defining or mapping the organisational structure is essential to organise a company’s journey and help it reach its  destination. The management must be precise with its vision, mission, objectives, and values. It must design the company’s structure to build the blocks. Accordingly, we help companies define their organisational structure based on their organisation’s size and the verticals they run.

Policy Design

Every organisation has an implicit or explicit set of values. These values help form organisation policies that foster quick progress through better process orientation. In this view, we help companies set HR policies aligned with their values and which are scalable, measurable and constructive.

Organisation Culture

Organisations are known for their culture, which plays a vital role in employee retention and productivity. Experts believe that better work culture increases employee retention rate to up to 50 per cent. At SAN HR, we catalyse cultural change to help start-ups increase employee retention and foster success. We help companies establish a work culture according to their talent needs and objectives. Our experts prepare growth plans and create processes and policies to support success through work culture. They closely work with the management team to understand their thought process toward HR. The result is optimised returns!

Performance Management Structure / System

Employee Performance Management Structure is key to measuring the investment in employee productivity. PMS implementation has helped many companies grow four times their current size. We help companies implement PMS in their ecosystem. Our team works closely with the management team and promoters to understand the company’s mission, vision and objectives. It helps us prepare functional KRAs, create task reporting matrix etc. This organised approach leads us through a beautiful journey of achievements and the share everyone has to contribute towards the larger goals.

Employee Engagement

The more engaged your employees, the better they perform. We help companies implement initiatives to enhance employee engagement, increase ownership, foster teamwork, improve networking, promote wellness, celebrate achievements, ignite new ideas, and encourage collaboration.

Compensation & Benefits

The most powerful tool to attract, motivate and retain an employee is compensation. Accordingly, we design industry-oriented and market-based competitive compensation models. We leverage our market research skills to help companies make salary corrections, develop fair incentive plans, define perks, determine allowances, decide on medical facilities, and design insurance policies and monetary and non-monetary benefits. We also help companies leverage stock options.

Reward & Recognition

Rewards and recognition are part of organisational culture that encourages employee retention. Healthy competition and performance driving initiatives within the company keep employees motivated. We help companies plan, brand and execute their rewards and recognition process. Our assistance involves showcasing the events across various digital platforms while ensuring adherence to company policies.


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