8 hiring Do’s and Don’ts for small firms

In the previous post, we learned how a bad hire could cost a company in different ways. Large companies still have the bandwidth to absorb the tangible and intangible costs caused due to wrong hiring, but small firms may be difficult. So let’s know when it comes to hiring in small firms, there must be some do’s and Don’ts


  1. Clarity of the role of the hiring position.
  2. Expectation setting in the form of KRA / JD.
  3. Specific Job role and reporting.
  4. Communication plan and commitment to performance.
  5. Show them a career path.
  6. Do Mentoring and reviews with a holistic approach of a candidate.
  7. Standing by commitments (Walk the talk).
  8. Get An open conversation and feedback by HR


  1. Do not try to utilize a resource for different roles.
  2. Do not make the resource report to multiple heads.
  3. Do not expect output unless you set a clear expectation.
  4. Do not commit if you cannot stand by.
  5. Do not try to create a versatile person who will do all the jobs.
  6. Do not assign mentors without knowing their mentoring skills.
  7. Do not ignore the feedback of the new resource.
  8. Do not be very casual on performance or company policies.


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