Why Hiring Recruitment Agencies for Recruitment will save you Time and Money?

Recruitment, hiring, talent acquisition are different terms, with one objective, and that is to bring the best talent on board. In today’s age, talent is the most competitive advantage that any organization has, and getting the right skilled candidates onboard from the market through various sources and using different strategies constitutes an important part of the recruitment process.

As against the past, wherein vacancies were floated through newspapers, today, we’ve got different sources of recruitment such as hoardings to attract walk-ins, digital channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, job portals, websites, referral schemes, campus selections, and yes, equally important, recruitment vendors or consultants, also termed as placement or staffing agencies.

So, let us not term them as agents, but recruitment partners!

The Need for Outsourcing Recruitments

In the case of in house recruitment management, investments on the resources, time as well as efforts to source the right candidates are inevitable. However, despite all these investments, there’s always a 40 to 50% gap in filling up open positions with the right candidates. Besides, as access to the available talent pool is limited, organizations cannot really explore all the recruitment avenues, and all the other, perhaps, apparently invisible options!

In such cases, outsourcing comes in as an excellent option to access a considerable chunk of the available talent, and thus onboard the best suiting one. Apart from this, the expertise of recruitment partners in the form of trained recruiters that have the ability to churn various options and huge databases of candidates, along with a practical understanding of terms such as employment branding, works as an added advantage to attract the right set of talent. The right approach to brand the company during preliminary interactions with candidates really helps a lot. Besides, recruitment partners take ownership and put the best of their efforts to close the positions.

Benefits of Hiring Recruitment Partners for Recruitment

There are several benefits associated with recruitment outsourcing. Some of them are enlisted below.

  1. Cost Effective option, as companies don’t have to invest in searching for people themselves.
  2. Companies pay per hiring with a guarantee period to replace.
  3. 60% of the hiring process is looked after by the recruitment partner.
  4. Recruitment partners perform the groundwork, and indulge in critical activities such as,
  1. Recruitment planning
  2. Advertising
  3. Explaining the Job & Company
  4. Candidate Screening
  5. Preliminary Interviewing
  6. Coordination with HR
  7. Hiring Teams
  8. Coordination with candidates for every feedback
  9. Keeping them prepared for interviews
  10. Consulting /assisting candidate for job offers.
  11. Building employer trust, along with the right expectation setting
  12. After offers, keeping the candidates updated with the developments that happen until joining.
  13. Creating a candidate pool for future needs. 

In a nutshell, recruitment partners, if have the required competencies of a recruiter, outsourcing can certainly prove to the best alternative for hiring on the cost, efforts, as well as resources front.

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