Why is Recruiting Important in an Organization?

Recruitment is the first step in the procurement function. The recruitment process can be a hectic task for any enterprise. Recruitment Process has a key role in an organization’s success. If a right candidate is not hired then it will affect key projects for which he or she is recruited and eventually, quality of deliverables or services will get affected. However, if you have an effective recruitment and selection policy, then it significantly eliminates the employee turnover, making it easier for you to choose the just right candidate who not only meets the work-related competencies, but also complements the core values of your organization. Recruitment function is one of the important parts of an organization’s Human Resource Planning.
Here the people are being recruited with help of the third party with help of the third party like job placement, employment agencies, and management consultant. The organization approaches to different job placement, Employment agency and management consultant for required employee and candidate. E-Recruitment is a new phenomenon in an organization the applicant and organization are directly in touch with each other with the help of internet.


Internal factors of recruitment

  • Organizational Image.
  • Size of the Organization.
  • Recruitment policy.
  • Pay Package and Time.
  • Culture of Organization.
  • Relation between employer and employee.

External factors of recruitment

  • Demographic factors.
  • Economic Factor.
  • Supply And Demand Factor.
  • Unemployment situation.
  • Labour laws.

This is a type of recruitment in which the potential job seekers approach the employer organizations personally and consult for the employment. Basically, this practice is followed by busy and dynamic organizations. The suitable candidates are selected by this process of consultation and the vacancy positions are filled up.

You can find good, qualified, reliable employees for your company if you have a successful hiring process. Make sure to follow an Organized recruitment path and you will find candidates that will prove to be great assets to your business.

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