What is the inner you that describes your character?

What helps you make decisions and be balanced in stressful situations.
What helps you control your temptations?
What is the one thing that draws a line in the sand to confidently say what is right and what is wrong?

“Your values create your internal compass that can navigate how you make decisions in your life. If
you compromise your core values, you go nowhere.”
― Roy T. Bennett


Core values are the essence in you they are the description of your character, for a company the core values
depict their identity, their approach and the way they conduct their business. The core values are
reflected in, every service, every process, every communication that the company follows, core values
are noticed in the relationships towards the customers, vendors, partners, stakeholders, management, and employees.

Values help define your culture, they are a powerful tool that helps in decision making. Organizations
grow if they have defined their values and inculcate them in every employee.
Companies vision may change, its goal may diversify but the set of values must always be intact.
Just a recent example of how we identified the successful :
In a company with around 40 people working in the hr service in pune industry, we were closely working with
management on implementing Human resource function. We defined the 6 core values of the company
and successfully completed orientation to the employees, also displayed the values on walls. After a month there was a situation a service engineer who was at the client side was supposed to report to his
manager on Saturday for training did not show up after he resumed back on Monday, his manager
questioned him and during this conversation the manager was losing his temper, this was witnessed by
the assistant manager and he pitched in, he asked them both to look at the wall where the values were
displayed and just said the numbers 3 and 5. There was complete silence in a fraction of seconds and
add to the cherry on the cake the Manager said sorry to the service engineer.I know you would like to know the values here they are for you…………

1. Courage
2. Reliability
3. Respect
4. Innovation
5. Customer Satisfaction

Note: The service engineer had not been able to attend the training as the client had some technical
issues to be taken care off and expected the engineer to stay. (Customer Satisfaction – Core Value).
The manager was supposed to respectfully talk to the engineer. (Respect – Core Value)
The Manager was sorry – (Courage to accept mistake – Core value).

Happy reading

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