Why is Recruiting Important in an Organization?

Recruitment is the first step in the procurement function. The recruitment process can be a hectic task for any enterprise. Recruitment Process has a key role in an organization’s success. If a right candidate is not hired then it will affect key projects for which he or she is recruited and eventually, quality of deliverables […]

What is the inner you that describes your character?

What helps you make decisions and be balanced in stressful situations.What helps you control your temptations?What is the one thing that draws a line in the sand to confidently say what is right and what is wrong? “Your values create your internal compass that can navigate how you make decisions in your life. Ifyou compromise […]

Employment Branding

Employment Branding Being in the recruitment consultancy services for 11 years and having our expertise in Talent Acquisition. with employer branding as one of our core strength we have been successful throughout. Candidates and employees are attracted to work for companies because of the brand. Employer brand does not just mean an advertisement hammering, investing […]

Why Hiring Recruitment Agencies for Recruitment will save you Time and Money?

Recruitment, hiring, talent acquisition are different terms, with one objective, and that is to bring the best talent on board. In today’s age, talent is the most competitive advantage that any organization has, and getting the right skilled candidates onboard from the market through various sources and using different strategies constitutes an important part of […]

Basic face to face interview mistakes to avoid

In the hiring process, being invited for a face to face interaction is not something easily achieved. Becoming one of the “shortlisted candidates” is a major victory one doesn’t want to mess with the opportunity. What next happens in the interview will either see one celebrating OR looking back to what went wrong (if anything […]

8 hiring Do’s and Don’ts for small firms

In the previous post, we learned how a bad hire could cost a company in different ways. Large companies still have the bandwidth to absorb the tangible and intangible costs caused due to wrong hiring, but small firms may be difficult. So let’s know when it comes to hiring in small firms, there must be […]

How recruitment agencies can help small firms to hire a potential candidate

Companies have different sources of hiring when it comes to small company hiring. They have concerns concerning budget sometimes or awareness.6gThe organizations should only consider a recruitment partner with industry and functional knowledge, having trusted service reviews. This would undoubtedly help the organization in different ways. A few are below listed. You invest efforts only […]




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